FreakShow & Tell

Science + History + Insanity

Thom Britton's personal, one man show about his history with the Freakshow. Blending science and storytelling into a 80 minute journey on the stage.

Already booked a show? 

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How do I book you?

Call my agent! GG Greg Agency at 800-901-8485

Pricing for a show?

Full shows for as low as $1800 + hotel. Plus shipping the show (usually around $300 in the US)
Single shows $1800 + hotel. 3 in 5 for $1200 + hotel. 5 in 7 for $950 + hotel.

Travel is included. Hotel for 2 people, 2 nights - 1 double room is fine.

"3 in 5" means "3 shows to take place in 5 days." Mostly colleges use this plan to group together and get deep discounts on shows. APCA and NACA discounts are available for colleges.

What are your show requirements? Ceiling height, etc...

Absolutely none. I just need a space with seats and an audience. I have my own backdrops, lights, sound, microphones and tech crew. I can work with any ceiling height at all. Does not matter to me.
I am 6 feet tall - so, try to have a ceiling a little taller than that. :-)
The show runs 1 hour and 15 minutes, no intermission.

Do you offer more than one show?

Yes. There is also a 3-man variety show called, "The Danger Circus." Details here: