FreakShow & Tell presents: The  Laboratory

FreakShow & Tell is experimenting with new materials, tweaking the format, and performing new and more dangerous stunts and YOU CAN BE A PART OF THE EXPERIMENT!

Thom Britton, creator of FreakShow & Tell is ready to try some new things. Shorter format, longer format and/or add in new random bits o’ science. 

Since you don’t know what you might get, you will pay AFTER the show - whatever you thought the evening was worth.

Hurry up, doors open at 7pm (bar on site and BYOB as well) and the show starts promptly at 8pm. The first 40 people in the door get a seat. Everyone else has to come back next week to be a part of the madness!

All this is happening at the Lincoln Loft.

Fridays, May 3rd, May 11th, May 18th, May 25th, June 8th, June 15th and June 22nd
What time? 8pm

How much does it cost? You decide AFTER you see the show

Where? Lincoln Loft 3036 N. Lincoln Ave.


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Get there early!

Doors open at 7pm and the first 40 get a seat.

May 4th, 11th, 18th and 25th
June 8th, 15th and 22nd


Special Guests at every show!

30 Second Television Commercial

Professional fire eater Thom Britton explains exactly how fire eating works. This is a teaser for that video.

Not sure if you want to see the show?
Well, The Chicago Reader LOVED IT!

Sideshow entertainer Thom Britton’s solo show is part performance, part demonstration. He eats fire, hammers a nail into his nose, shoves his face into a pile of broken glass, and then unveils the science that keeps him free of harm during each act. Knowing doesn’t make any of the stunts any less amazing—even though Britton explained that our heads are full of nasal passages wide enough to fit a nail, I still cringed and stared in awe as he tapped one into a nostril. Britton is a charismatic performer who appears genuinely thrilled to share how simple his seemingly death-defying acts really are. His explanations are peppered with jokes and carnival flair, making even the dullest details memorable and entertaining. I may have retained more information about science and history during a single carnival-themed night than in all my years of schooling.
— Brianna Wellen, Chicago Reader

Who else loved it?

Sideshow Visionary
— Time Out Chicago
He’ll eat fire, walk on glass, absorb a million volts for your amusement.
— Chicago Sun-Times
His one-man show breaks circus acts — such as fire swallowing — down to bare bones physics.
— DNA info
That is unbelievable!
— Melody Mendez, Good Day Chicago Anchor
I may have retained more information about science and history during a single carnival-themed night than in all my years of schooling.
— Chicago Reader
...a show unlike any other — part lecture, part story and part physics lesson, Thom Britton had everyone on the edge of their seats. The best part? Getting a lesson on how to eat fire!
— Yelp Official Blog