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What makes Thom very special, is that he wants to explain it all to you.
— College of Curiosity
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Chicago Reader

“Britton is a charismatic performer who appears genuinely thrilled to share how simple his seemingly death-defying acts really are. His explanations are peppered with jokes and carnival flair, making even the dullest details memorable and entertaining.”

Britton has traded classic sideshow glitz for a lab coat and a personable demeanor.
— Chicago Reader
He’ll eat fire, walk on glass, absorb a million volts for your amusement.
— Chicago Sun-Times
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Yelp Official Blog

A show unlike any other — part lecture, part story and part physics lesson, Thom Britton had everyone on the edge of their seats. The best part? Getting a lesson on how to eat fire!

A completely unique sideshow act full of fire-eating, glass-walking, chainsaws, electricity and much much more!
— Chicago Painted Red
His one-man show breaks circus acts — such as fire swallowing — down to bare bones physics.
— DNA info
a fast-paced and funny look at life as a fire-eater.
— Chicago Tribune
You helped inspire thousands...
— The Museum of Science and Industry
That is unbelievable!
— Good Day Chicago
You Need Nerves of Steel and a Bit of Science to Eat Fire
— Gizmodo
His tireless work ethic, unusual background and eclectic collection of passions translate to the stage as a truly novel and subversive experience.
— Performance Revue (podcast)