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The Madman of mad science!


FreakShow & Tell?

At 16 years old I began to see sideshow acts and started to perform in a circus. I learned a variety of skills and performed about 12 times a day, 7 days a week. It was a wonderful and exhausting practice.

In my early 20s, I decided to continue my education. I went to college and earned an Applied Sciences degree. This training is nothing special, but it feeds my love of science and makes me ask the question, "how does that work?"

The acts I have chosen for you this evening are the creme de la creme, the very best and most interesting experiments I've had the pleasure of learning and performing.

I've spent about 9 years writing tonight's show. It is, by far, the most personal piece I've ever done.I sincerely hope you enjoy yourself

 Hopefully the audience will understand not just HOW I eat fire, but WHY I wanted to learn to eat fire.

Who is Thom Britton?

One of the world's most unique fire eaters. He blends stand-up comedy, storytelling and danger into an act that is 10,000 years old and brand new - at the same time.

But, the show isn't just fire eating!

Over 100,000 volts of electricity, nails, chainsaws and broken glass are playthings for Thom Britton in FreakShow & Tell. You will not believe what you see.


Where did FreakShow & Tell begin?

Originally performed in 2006, in Chicago at a small cafe and theater. The reception was.... well, not great. Fantastic reviews, but a low audience turnout almost killed the project right away.

The show was remounted about a year later, and the results were amazing! Shows were sold out and 'standing room only' for months! Since then, FreakShow & Tell has been performed to great success and is still a critical darling!

 "Sideshow Visionary" Time Out Chicago

What is the next step?

Bring the show to YOU!

Colleges and small theaters need dynamic entertainment that appeals to a younger audience and this show delivers. No more empty seats. Book the show that packs the house.

See FreakShow & Tell at a venue near you!

Britton is a charismatic performer who appears genuinely thrilled to share how simple his seemingly death-defying acts really are.
— Chicago Reader
Fire eating, glass walking and hundreds of thousands of volts of electricity collide with comedy and storytelling in this one-of-a-kind show.
— Variety Guide

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FreakShow & Tell LIVE at YOUR SCHOOL!

Thom Britton explains how fire eating works.

7 minutes long.

News Clips

Some press quotes....

What makes Thom very special, is that he wants to explain it all to you.
— College of Curiosity
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Chicago Reader

“Britton is a charismatic performer who appears genuinely thrilled to share how simple his seemingly death-defying acts really are. His explanations are peppered with jokes and carnival flair, making even the dullest details memorable and entertaining.”

Britton has traded classic sideshow glitz for a lab coat and a personable demeanor.
— Chicago Reader
He’ll eat fire, walk on glass, absorb a million volts for your amusement.
— Chicago Sun-Times
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Yelp Official Blog

A show unlike any other — part lecture, part story and part physics lesson, Thom Britton had everyone on the edge of their seats. The best part? Getting a lesson on how to eat fire!

A completely unique sideshow act full of fire-eating, glass-walking, chainsaws, electricity and much much more!
— Chicago Painted Red
His one-man show breaks circus acts — such as fire swallowing — down to bare bones physics.
— DNA info
a fast-paced and funny look at life as a fire-eater.
— Chicago Tribune
You helped inspire thousands...
— The Museum of Science and Industry
That is unbelievable!
— Good Day Chicago
You Need Nerves of Steel and a Bit of Science to Eat Fire
— Gizmodo

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Frequently Asked Q's

Thom Britton explains how fire eating works.

1. Do you 'breathe' fire, 'spit' fire, etc...?

      The only "verb" fire I do is: eat fire. In the past I have done EVERYTHING with fire. But, in your club or college, I only 'eat' it. Watch the video to see EXACTLY what my act looks like. It is scripted, not a word changes.

2. Are you insured?

     Hell yes! Click here to read my insurance. If you need a Certificate of Insurance, scroll ALL THE WAY DOWN THIS PAGE

3. What precautions do you take?

      This will vary slightly, depending on the venue. But, here are the basics: My costume (a suit) is treated with a 'fire-proofing' spray. It is a tailored, 3 piece, men's suit. No feathers, no ruffles, no fringe. The floor is covered with banjo cloth - this cloth is fire retardant (Click here to see the proof) and if I bring my backdrops, they are made of the same materials. There is a fire extinguisher on stage,  in plain sight and 1-2 people offstage with a fire blanket.

4. Do you have a 'flame effect plan?' Various certificates? Hold Harmless documents?

     Of course! I have all kinds of documents and explanations RIGHT HERE! If you can't find the exact document or form you need, just call.

5. Have you done this before? Where?

     For over 25 years at a LOT of places.
     The Lyric Opera House, the Museum of Science and Industry, Toronto's Science Center, Phoenix Arizona's Science Center.

Here is a list:


  • Mark Ridley’s Comedy Castle, Detroit

  • The Rockin’ Horse, Baton Rouge

  • The Other Place, Traverse City

  • Richoux’s Comedy Club, Baton Rouge

  • The Lincoln Lodge, Chicago

  • Diesel Concerts Detroit


  • City Stages, Birmingham

  • 99X Fest, Atlanta

  • Sloss Fright Furnace, Birmingham

  • Abbey Hoffman Died For Our Sins, Chicago

  • Intel International Science and Engineering Fair, Phoenix

  • Yippie Fest, Chicago

  • MicroFest, Elgin IL

  • Chicago Fringe Festival

Appeared with:

  • Green Day

  • Mighty Mighty Bosstones

  • Lincoln Park

  • Disturbed

  • Incubus

  • Stone Temple Pilots


  • The Lyric Opera House, Chicago

  • Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago

  • Cornservatory Theater, Chicago

  • The Lincoln Loft, Chicago

  • The No Exit Theater, Chicago

  • The Den Theater, Chicago

  • Work/Play Theater, Birmingham

  • The Emerald Theater, Detroit

  • True Brew Theater, New Orleans

  • Space Club HQ, Chicago

  • Nebbia Gallery, Chicago

  • The WIP Theater, Chicago

  • Mary-Arrchie Theatre, Chicago

  • Goose Island Theater, Chicago

  • Prop Thtr, Chicago

Science Centers

  • Ontario Science Centre, Toronto

  • Arizona Science Center, Arizona

  • Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago

  • International Museum of Surgical Science, Chicago


  • The Best of No Shame Theater, Chicago

  • El Circo Cheapo, Chicago

  • Salvage One, Chicago

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